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Exterior Painting 

Our team at VicHome painting are experts in exterior painting, with licenses to operate machinery to reach those hard-to-reach areas. We can repair or replace damaged paint, and even restore weatherboards and render surfaces. 

Our painting services for exterior house painting cover every style of home that Melbourne has to offer.

Our Services 
Exterior Painting Services | VICHOME PAINTING | Melbourne

Our professional team has the ability to paint on an extensive range of exterior surfaces, including:

• Weatherboard 

• Timber 

• Cabinets 

• Render 

• Steel 

• Decks 












Some of our other Exterior services include:

• Oiling and staining of decks 

• Maintenance of windows and doors

• Driveway painting  

• Roof and fence painting 

•  Spray painting 

Exterior Painting Services | VICHOME PAINTING | Melbourne
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